A movie by Tristan SÉGUÉLA

98 min

with Fabrice LUCHINI, Catherine FROT, Philippe KATERINE

Synopsis :  As Jean campaigns to be reelected conservative mayor of a small town in northern France, Edith, his wife of 40 years, tells him a secret she can no longer repress: in her heart of hearts, she is - and always has been - a man.At first Jean thinks she is joking, but he quickly understands that Edith is determined to see her transition through to the end.Both his marriage and his campaign are in for a serious shakeup.

A movie by Ramzi BEN SLIMAN

Dramatic Comedy
97 min


Synopsis :  Born to dance, Neneh is a 12-year-old black girl who has just entered the Paris Opera ballet school. Despite her enthusiasm, she will have to work twice as hard to escape her social environment and be accepted by the director of the school Marianne Bellage. The latter, a former star dancer, is indeed the embodiment of ballet and bears a secret that connects her to the little ballerina.

A movie by Mathieu VADEPIED

99 min

with Omar SY, Jérémy TAVERNIER, Alassane SY , Bamar KANE, Jonas BLOQUET, François CHATTOT, Alassane DIONG

Synopsis :  1917. Bakary Diallo enlists in the French army to be near Thierno, his 17-year-old son, forced to serve. Sent to the front, father and son must brave the war together. Animated by the ardor of his Captain who wants to lead him into the heart of the battle, Thierno must emancipate himself and become a man. Meanwhile Bakary does whatever it takes to spare his son from fighting, and to bring him home safe and sound

A movie by Nour WAZZI


with Famke JANSEN, Rose WILLIAMS, Alex HASSEL, Finn COLE, Anna FRIEL

Synopsis :  Inspired by the French novel Therese Raquin, Locked In is a dark and twisted psychological thriller. Set against a ticking clock, it tells the romantic emotional and terrifying story of an ordinary young woman's journey to becoming a murderer.

A movie by Julia C. KAISER

Drama, Action
90 min


Synopsis :  27-year-old Anna (Emma Drogunova) and Jonas (Gustav Schmidt), meet through their university gang. Their initial attraction leads to an unspectacular one-night stand that seems like the beginning of a light summer affair. But their encounters are also marked by a lot of friction and provocation.Then something happens that completely changes the lives of the two: After a party with lots of alcohol, Anna is raped by Jonas, she says. Anna is traumatized, remembers her "no". Jonas, on the other hand, remembers consensual sex.The only person Anna can confide in at first is her sister Daria (Katja Hutko), who advises her to press charges. Eventually, her friends find out about the accusation and have to take a stand. The podcaster Kelly (Shari Asha Crosson) researches the events and tries to fathom the attitudes and discourses surrounding the case and its effects on victims, perpetrators and the environment.

A movie by Mélanie LAURENT


with Adèle EXARCHOPOULOS, Mélanie LAURENT, Manon BRESCH, Isabelle ADJANI, Philippe KATERINE, Félix MOATI

Synopsis :  Alex et Carole sont deux cambrioleuses de haut vol, séduisantes et sans complexes, capables d'aller chercher n'importe quel tableau dans n'importe quel musée. À la recherche d'un chauffeur, elles rencontrent Sam, une championne de moto aux multiples talents. Le casse qu'elles préparent en Corse et qui est censé être leur dernier, s'annonce ambitieux, rocambolesque et va sceller à jamais leur amitié.

A movie by Gérard JUGNOT

95 min

with Marc LAVOINE, Gérard JUGNOT, Soan ARHIMANN, Stéfi CELMA, Philippe DUQUESNE

Synopsis :  In a village in Reunion Island, 10-year-old Nelson dreams of becoming a great singer to make his mother, who has raised him alone, proud. After applying for the TV singing contest Star Kids with the help of his friends Mia and Zizou, they decide to find a coach to get ready for the competition. Luckily, Pierre Leroy, an outdated French singer, is touring on the island. When Pierre, disillusioned and solitary, meets with the stubborn Nelson, harmony is hard to find... Until their passion for singing gets them closer. Will it be strong enough for Nelson to reconnect with his mother and for Pierre to rediscover the desire of his early days?